About RVM

A Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) is an automated recycling machine that allows consumers to directly dispose, used empty PET bottles in the machine, which is then taken into eco-friendly and organized recycled chain.

Post Consumer Waste Scenario

Do you know ?
  • Every year around 8 Lac tonne of PET is being generated in India out of which only 50% of PET is recycled in legal and environment friendly way.
  • Presently the PET scrap collection is dominated by unorganized sector which indulges in various illegal activities – such as spurious fillings, PET to PET recycling.
  • Also unorganized sector collection leads to bottle contamination which lowers yields, poor quality recycled product and in some cases unfit for recycling.
  • The uncollected PET scrap goes to landfills which causes severe environmental hazards.
  • The biggest challenge lies with PET scrap collection in an organized way.

Solution Through RVM !

  • The collection of PET bottles through RVM is an efficient and scalable model for collection of post consumer PET bottles, as it directly collects the bottle from the source and creating authenticated data.
  • As collection of PET through unorganized channel effect the rag pickers life, pollute the environment and also affect the health of consumer. To counter these challenges, collection of PET bottles through the RVM will help the rag pickers to make their life better.
  • Bottles will not litter everywhere, it would be collected in organized manner and routed to the authenticated recycled channel and save the landfill spaces and environment.
  • Bottles would be crushed, which will save from spurious fillings and illegal recycling which have adverse effects on our health.

Why RVM ?

RVM addresses the PWM Rule 2016 and EPR !
  • Waste Generators including institutional generators, event organizers shall not to litter the plastic waste segregate waste and handover to authorize agency.
  • These rules shall apply to every waste generator, local body, Gram Panchayat, manufacturer, Importers and producer.
  • Producer, Brand Owner need to work out modalities for waste collection system for collecting back the plastic waste within a period of six months in consultation with local authority / State Urban Development Department and implement with two years thereafter.
  • The PET collection through RVM is also among the best options available to collect authentic data to address Plastic Waste Management (PWM) 2016, regulations. It also helps companies to fulfill their EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) requirement as it directly showcases the collection and recycling chain.

Current Scenario

Launching 25 RVM in Delhi/NCR

GEM did Pilot project with 10 RVM in Gurugram, we have concluded that public or consumer are ready to accept this type of concept for bottle disposal.
After successful completion of pilot project GEM is going to launch 25 automated RVM machine in Delhi/NCR to collect the PET bottles in organized manner and to evaluate viability and sustainability of RVM for post-consumer collection, so that it will generate the authentic data and make the collection scalable and viable. It will also showcase to the different stakeholder in the industry and government that waste can be collected in a segregated manner and channeled into organized recycled chain up to valuable recycled products.

Benefits of RVM