Plastic credits is a transferable certificate, representing the amount of plastic waste managed, that would otherwise have ended up in the landfills.

Plastic credits are measurable, traceable, and verifiable. Plastic credits enable businesses to offset their plastic footprint.

1 plastic credit = 1 MT of plastic waste managed. Credits could be WCC (Waste collection credit) or WRC (Waste recycling credit)

Voluntary plastic credits are issued by VERRA. Verra is a nonprofit corporation in USA, which sets the world’s leading standards for climate action and sustainable development.

GEM is registered with Verra.

GEM is the leading player in plastic waste management in India (Managed ~ 3,00,000 MT/year of plastic waste EPR for its clients in FY 2022-23). GEM’s clients include marquee names such as PEPSI, Coke, Amazon, Flipkart, SC Johnson among other leading players in India.

GEM manages the plastic credits for both the buy side and sell side clients.

1. For buy side clients – GEM acts as a trusted partner for sourcing plastic credits in India and abroad.

2. For sell side clients – GEM acts as project consultant and manages the end to end cycle of plastic project registration to its verification and validation and subsequent selling in the market.