Easy DIY tips to make rakhis from Waste Materials

The festival of Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is just around the corner and we are sure that all you guys and girls must be brimming with excitement. Obviously beautiful rakhis, amazing gifts- it has got to be great!

So, all you pretty sisters out here- have you bought a rakhi for your lovely brother already? Or you still have not found the perfect one? How about making a beautiful rakhi for your brother using materials at home, which you would have any way discarded? Well, a perfect ‘wealth from waste’ rakhi. Here is how you can make it:

Multi-Colored Rakhi


Take some multi-colored threads, including a couple of golden color strands too. Yellow and red are auspicious colors for the purpose. Tie the threads together to make the string of the rakhi, and decorate its upper part with beads, sequins or any religious signs or motifs you may have at home.



Take a long kalava thread and fold it in the middle. Then take some religious material like Om, or a few small shells, and decorate them with beads. Then stick this on the braided kalava.

Decorated nut shells rakhi

Take some pistachio shells and decorate them with colours, as shown in the picture – Then punch a hole on the top and insert a colourful thread in between. Your rakhi is ready.

Sandalwood beads Rakhi

Take a red thread and plait to make the string. Cut a glossy plastic gift paper in your desired shape, and stick on the middle of the string, Take some sandalwood beads or tulsi beads to decorate the upper part of the rakhi. If they come out again and again after sticking, you may even stitch them on the rakhi.

India celebrated its 69th Independence day, just a few days ago, with the usual pomp and enthusiasm. It was the day when we declared our patriotism to the entire world, the day when we felt love for our nation and took a pledge to work for its betterment, Yes, that day- the day it all started and sadly, ended.

Independence day has gone, but should our patriotism and love for the country go with it? Is everything restricted to just one day? Or we want our country to really progress irrespective of the day or date? Yes, then read ahead.

What do you see when you look around you? What is there on the streets, the roads, practically almost everywhere
ThisFilthy, right? But don’t be surprised, it is just the waste that we generate, and do you know where it finally ends up?

Here: Yes, and the plastic that we use lies there were thousands of years, leaking pollutants into the soil and water.


But, everything is not lost. You can end it. Switch to greener and eco-friendlier options and make it a habit to reduce, reuse and recycle. Visit https://beingresponsibleindia.com/ to know more about recycling and also to purchase amazing recycled products.

Come, let’s make India free from waste. Jai Hind!

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