Be Responsible India!

Suppose I visit your house some day. You give me the best of welcomes, pamper me with the choicest of food items and drinks and ensure that I enjoy ever moment there at your place. What do you think I am expected to do in return? Probably, keep the place clean to say the least. What, if instead of being grateful to you for providing me such a comfortable stay, I trash your house and leave it in a mess. You would be infuriated, right? You would probably hate me like anything and won’t ever invite me to your home; after all it is your property that I dirtied.

Now, think of the last time you dirtied your street, your road, your mohalla, your city. When was it? Probably an hour ago, when you were driving to office or twelve hours ago, when you were driving back home; or probably when you left your office to catch a breath of fresh air, you also carried a bit of trash with you. Come to think of it- we dirty our country almost every single day without even realizing that it is our PROPERTY we are trashing. Your city, your country belongs to you as much as your house and garden.

Thankfully, due to efforts put in by certain government and non-governmental organisations, the awareness has started spreading in. And our celebrities have participated in these campaigns and even spearheaded some of them with enthusiasm. Akshay Kumar is a responsible celeb not only on screen but off it as well, who loves his country and wants to work for its betterment. In a recent incident, he stopped a man from littering his city and also posted a picture on facebook urging people to keep their city and their country free from filth and garbage.

Being Responsible India thanks Akshay Kumar for taking a bold stance against the mindless trashing of Indian cities. Wish his efforts do not go waste and we all start following his advice.

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