Make everyday a ‘Happy Environment Day’

World environment day is almost a fortnight away, and like every year this year also it would generate excitement in the form of environment-friendly status messages on Facebook, people taking the pledge to reduce their carbon footprints, and long talks about how our habits are depleting the natural resources of the earth. But unfortunately, after this day, everything goes back to square one, and we are back to our daily routine, which involves a lot of wastage of resources. So, how can you contribute to the cause of the environment? No, it is not some rocket science, but simple tasks that you can inculcate in your daily routine and take a step towards preserving the environment.

Always carry your own bag while shopping: Do not ask the shopkeeper to give you an extra poly-bag. Most of the outlets these days charge extra for a polybag, so nowadays we see more and more people using their own bags. But the roadside flea markets and small departmental stores have failed to follow suit, and they continue showering people with extra polythenes. Plastics can either be recycled or burnt. If you burn plastics, they will emit harmful gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrous oxide (CO), Methane (CH4), and Sulphur dioxide (SO2). These gases are extremely harmful to the environment. So, it is better to minimize the use of plastic bags and carry your own bag whenever you are out shopping.

Make wealth from waste: The best way to get rid of plastic products is to recycle, rather than upcycle them. You can get really creative here and turn old, worn-out bottles into jewelry stands, chandeliers, lamps, and whatnot.

Buy recycled products: You can contribute to the environment in a big way if you purchase recycled products. Do you know that recycling plastic bottles back into new items uses much less energy than making new ones? Recycling them also conserves fossil fuels and reduces harmful gas emissions. Now you see, how one simple step was taken by you can save the Earth’s resources in a long way.

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