Wealth from waste: Beautiful things you can create from trash

When the world is slowly turning into a garbage trash, it is our social responsibility to ensure that we produce minimum waste and recycle disposable products. And you will be surprised to know the variety of things you can make from your old bottles, discarded cans and even an old suitcase. Want to know more- well read ahead!

1. Do you have a suitcase that you have used long enough for it to be treated as trash? Don’t throw it away, instead turn it into a rustic rack to store jars. Just use some wooden pant and a stand, and you are good to go!

2. Want to buy a new jewellery stand? Well, why waste money on it when you can make your own jewellery stand using PET bottles at home? And when you tell people that it was made using bottles, they will not be able to stop themselves from admiring your creativity!

3. What do you do with your old wine bottles? Well, now you can turn them into hanging lamps and give a beautiful decor to your home.

4. Want to have your own garden but are short of space? Well if you have plastic bottles, you don’t have to worry.No, no I am not kidding. You see, you can create your own vertical garden using minimum space with the help of plastic bottles like this

5. Want a new lamp for your house? Why not make one using spoons and a large bottle?

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