Victims of Climate Change

1) Do you have a suitcase that you have used long enough for it to be treated as trash? Don’t throw it away, instead turn it into a rustic rack to store jars. Just use some wooden pant and a stand, and you are good to go!

2) Want to buy a new jewellery stand? Well, why waste money on it when you can make your own jewelry stand using PET bottles at home? And when you tell people that it was made using bottles, they will not be able to stop themselves from admiring your creativity!

3) What do you do with your old wine bottles? Well, now you can turn them into hanging lamps and give a beautiful decor to your home.

4) Want to have your own garden but are short of space? Well if you have plastic bottles, you don’t have to worry. No, no I am not kidding. You see, you can create your own vertical garden using minimum space with the help of plastic bottles like this Climate change as a result of our lifestyle has changed the entire ecosystem tremendously- more then we can ever imagine. So whether it is raising sea level, melting glaciers, acid rains, smog or fast depleting wildlife, climate change is altering the state of the landscape. In a few decades, many beautiful places in the world will cease to exist because of climate change. Here is a list of five places that could be wiped off the face of earth in a matter of few years.

MALDIVES: The lowest lying country in the entire world is under imminent threat of global warming. If adequate steps are not taken to check the global warming menace, the ocean levels would continue rising and this country would be engulfed by the waters.

SEYCHELLES: A place that epitomizes beauty, Seychelles, a collection of around 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, is on the verge of extinction because of beach erosion. According to some experts within 50-100 years, the entire archipelago would be submerged.

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF AUSTRALIA: It is extremely sad that the largest natural reef in the entire world which covers more than 344,400 kms is being eroded slowly and steadily because of environmental degradation.

THE DEAD SEA: The Dead sea is a famous tourist spot not only for its rich history but also because of its healing properties. But this attraction is fast vanishing. In the last 40 years it has shrunk by a third and sunk 80 feet.

THE ALPS: The lofty and serene Alps, which are also one of the most sought after skiing places in the world are likely to disappear entirely by 2050 if experts are to be believed. Around 3 % of Alpine glacial ice is lost every year due to increasing global temperatures.

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