Cool facts about Recycling

Well, don’t you just love it when a thing you just discarded turns into something beautiful? Just like the pumpkin that turned into a carriage in Cinderella. Fascinating, right? Now, you can do the same with your objects that are no longer in use. No, I am not kidding. A modest PET bottle can indeed turn into a stylish T-shirt, and it is not magic- a miracle indeed, but not magic. It is all done through recycling!

Here are a few interesting recycling facts:

+ Glass is one of the easiest things to recycle and can be turned into all kind of products such as sand in golf bunkers, road surfacing and shiny new bottles and jars.

+ If you recycle aluminum cans, you will use just 5 percent of the energy that is required to make new cans from scratch. This material can be recycled again and again.

+ Recycling plastic bottles into new items consumes much less energy than making new ones.

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